Want to Paint?  Have your own supplies?  Look no further...

Here are Tutorials for purchase.  Each Tutorial includes a supply list and a link to a fun step-by-step instructional video, and a tracing template if needed.


Looking for the entire paint kit?  Canvas, Paints, Tutorial, Tracer?  You can find that HERE!
Purchase Chasing Dreams
Purchase Colorful Butterfly
Purchase Glimmery Sunset
Purchase Silent Forest
Purchase Starry Sunflower
Purchase Sunflower Friends
Purchase Dragonfly Wishes
Purchase Eiffel Tower
Purchase Exploding Cupcake
Purchase Mountain Springtime
Purchase Puppy Love
Purchase Baby Yoda
Purchase Beach Hut
Purchase Beehive
Purchase Colorful Hummingbird
Purchase Exploding Dandelions
Purchase Flamingo
Purchase Hangin at the Beach
Purchase Panda
Purchase Vintage Santa
Purchase XMas Truck